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SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood

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Product Description: Seibon Carbon's carbon fiber body components for the 08-10 Evolution X are among the best carbon fiber body parts money can buy. All Seibon Carbon products are made using one-piece carbon sheet, for a clean looking component without broken lines or mismatched patterns. Seibon Carbon finishes all of these components with a clear coat finish resulting in a great "wet" looking shine and durable finish that you don't get from other brands that use a gel-coat finish. All Seibon carbon sheets are built into a mold made from an OEM component, so they do not break and split like the ones where carbon is only wrapped around the skeleton. Seibon Carbon's molding process also results in a carbon fiber body panel that has an excellent fit. Seibon carbon fiber hoods are not 100% carbon fiber. Because carbon fiber material is just a piece of cloth you can't make any shape out of it without some kind of support. Seibon Carbon uses fiberglass backing to construct the skeleton.

Category: Accessories

Vehicle Application: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Price: $850

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